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10 Restaurants in Singapore That Practice Sustainability for Guilt-Free Dining

Singapore is well and truly on the green map, thanks to these culinary destinations

Sustainable dining’ isn’t just a buzzword spouted by a niche of eco-warriors; it has entered the mainstream with many restaurants in Singapore rising to the occasion. The term refers to ethical practices that care about our planet and environment and reduces the overall carbon footprint. It includes using local and/or organic produce, providing meat-free options, having on-site gardens, and choosing sustainable sources for meat, fish and eggs. Here are 10 places in Singapore you can go to to enjoy sustainable dining.

Open Farm Community

One of the first in Singapore to push the farm-to-table concept in Singapore and focus on local farming, there’s plenty to do here besides eat, as you can also explore the fruit and vegetable orchards or take part in gardening workshops. The focus here is on locally-sourced ingredients and seasonal and innovative dishes, such as Cauliflower “Wings” (a crowd favourite) and Duck on Toast (for diners who are so over avocado toast). The restaurant also curates and hosts local farmers once a month to showcase their produce to guests, who can then enjoy these freshly-harvested ingredients and learn more about the grow-your-own-food movement.

Article Source: Harper's Bazaar