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We are an impassioned restaurant hidden from the world in a little
urban garden in the big city. Our green premises define us, inform and
inspire us to do right by each other and the planet.

We try our hardest to keep things sustainable here, please do your best
to share that drive while you are visiting (and feel free to take it home).
We support a large network of local and Southeast Asian organic growers,
herders, food fanatics and general busybodies who are in the
business of bringing culture back into agriculture.


We try to limit single use plastics, recycle vigorously, and do our best to
limit wasteful water and electricity usage. We rethink the way we respect
ingredients, aspire to throw very little away, and strive to share our
passion with our team & our guests.


We are inspired by the abundance of nature and do our best to take care
of it so that future generations can be as well. Our dearest hope is that
people connect to each other over meals at our restaurant.

Eat well, live well, and be merry - there is so much to celebrate.


Our ingredients are based on the best of what’s available locally, with a
select few ethical imports to fill some gaps in supply. We use a bit here
and there from our garden, and more from our wider backyard, Singapore.
Read on for a list of local farm suppliers. Keep an eye out to see if
we have a featured farmer at the moment or ask when they are coming
so you can meet them!

The menu is designed so you can split a wholesome meal with friends,
family or whoever you choose to share a table with. Starters and desserts
are personal sized, with mains designed to be shared between two and
sides to match to your hearts content.




The Local Luncheon




Smoked Chicken "Caesar"
freedom range egg, sesame yoghurt ranch, baby romaine and tempeh croutons

Organic Egg + Thai Asparagus Bowl
brown butter hollandaise, poached barn eggs, crushed hazelnut

Local Grain Bowl
jobs tears, cucumber, kale, cashew butter

Warm Broccoli Salad
baby spinach, snap peas, pickled broccoli stems, toasted seeds, aussie feta


Brioche Crab Rolls
crab salad, homemade pickles, green mango coleslaw

The Waffle Bakkwa & Egg Stack
waffle toast, homemade bakkwa, scrambled egg,tomato jam

Kin Yan “Eggy-in-a-basket”
sauteed oyster mushroom, arugula salad, herbs

Plancha Chicken Flatbread
confit thigh, smoked chilli yoghurt, mozza

"Red Army" Baked Eggs
you tiao soldiers, bolognese baked eggs, herb salad

Braised Beef Open Facer
homemade foccaccia, pickled cabbage, mustard dressing

OFC Brioche Burger
jackfruit ketchup, cucumber pickle, spiced fries
(Add some sun +3)


House Baked Foccaccia
curry oil, sea salt

Watermelon Wild Honey Salad
aloe vera, thai basil, lime vinaigrette

Beer Battered Barramundi
crushed peanuts, kaffir aioli, green mango slaw

Sweet Potato Tortellini
goat curd, spiced seeds, ti huang mao

The Farm Cut for Two
800 gr Grass Fed Black Angus Porterhouse Steak Potato
and Salad Sides & House Pickles


Cashew & Mango Granola
coconut yoghurt, goji & roselle jam, wild honey

Buttermilk Pancakes
indonesian vanilla ice cream, walnuts, gula melaka syrup

Coconut & Pandan Waffles
pandan ice cream, white chocolate, young coconut jam

Lime in the Coconut
whipped coconut semifreddo, pandan, kaffir lime granita

tamarind fudge, banana mousse, ginger biscuit


Scramble and Toast

OFC Flatbread Pizza

Fish and Chips

Homemade Pappardelle
bolognese or garlic parmesan

per scoop
Sorbets & Ice Creams
ask your server for our daily selections

* kids menu caters to children under 14


“Bringing Soul back into wine… Promoting forgotten grapes and regions, from smaller domains who favour authenticity and responsible ethics. Putting forward creativity and originality, without the use of herbicides and chemicals both in the vineyard and in winemaking.”


Winemakers we adore, that inspire us:

Overnoy (Jura), Gang of four (Beaujolais), Claude Courtois (Loire), Dario Princic/Radikon/Vodopivec (Friuli) C.O.S & Occhipinti (Sicily), Alice & Olivier de Moor (Chablis), Catherine et Pierre Breton (Loire) Clos Rougeard (Loire) Strohmeier (Austria), Trossen (Mosel, Germany) Joan Ramon Escoda/Laureno Serres (Spain), Clos Saron (U.S.A), Mythopia (Switzerland), Eric Pfifferling (Tavel), Catherine Derain (Bourgogne), Selosse (Champagne), Nicholas Joly (Coulée de Serrant)

Due to limited availability and vintage arrival, please approach us for the current wine selection.

We also offer a selection of beers, ciders, smoothies & juices, coolers & spirits.

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130E Minden Road
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Mon-Thur: 12nn-4pm | 6pm-11pm
Last orders: 2:45pm & 9:45pm
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Sat & PH: 11am-5pm | 6pm-12mn
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